I'd like to welcome you to my portfolio website and tell you a little something about myself.


I was a double-major student in film animation and broadcast communications at San Francisco State University,

where I was awarded my Bachelor of Arts degrees in Film and Radio & Television.


My passion for the arts began when I was a small child and spent long days with my crippled (rheumatoid arthritis)
 grandmother, Jean Ramon, who used oil painting, ceramics and storytelling to pass the time.


She was my first sensei of the arts and introduced me to drawing, oil and acrylic painting, color theory,

perspective, use of clay and glazes, creating molds, how to use a kiln and the importance of self-expression.


Many of our sessions together involved eating pimento olives from oversized jars with a bendie-straw submerged

into a 5-gallon jug of cooking wine. - needless to say - my introduction to art is an authentic and colorful one.


In 2014, I moved to Maui, where my grandfather, Joseph Ramon, was born and raised.
He was a pineapple picker until he moved to San Jose, where he met my Grandma, Jean,

while she was an art student at San Jose State University where my grandpa - "pineapple Joe" was the janitor.


So many of my grandmother's stories involved the exotic trips that she and my grandpa took to Hawaii

that my fascination with flowers, moo-moos, avant-garde mountains, and the ancient language of hula

became my way of keeping my grandmother close to me, as she passed away in 1991.

I watch the whales and the many beautiful birds. I also paint, take photographs and swim.
I'm learning to trust the ocean, how to snorkel and to live in the moment, like mermaids do.


                             I am available to work anywhere on the island of Maui and it's surrounding islands

- as well as, anywhere in the world via the Internet.


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